Paper Journal Year Link
An Artificial Intelligence Model to Predict the Mortality of COVID-19 Patients at Hospital Admission Time
Using Routine Blood Samples:
Development and Validation of an Ensemble Model
Journal of Medical Internet Research 2020 Covid
Artificial-intelligence-driven discovery of prognostic biomarker for sarcopenia Journal of Cachexia, Sarcopenia and Muscle 2021 Sarcopenia
Prediction and Feature Importance Analysis for Severity of COVID-19 in South Korea Using Artificial Intelligence: Model Development and Validation Journal of Medical Internet Research 2021 Korea-Covid
Artificial Intelligence Personalized Prognostic Model to predict Five-Year Mortality at One-Year
after Gastric Cancer Surgery
2022 Stomach Cancer
Artificial Intelligence to Predict Five-Year Survival from Stage 4-Breast Cancer Patients 2022 Breast Cancer
In-hospital mortality prediction of trauma patients using artificial intelligence: Nationwide analysis in South Korea 2022 Mortality prediction of trauma patients
Patch-CNN based Deep Learning Model for Cryo-EM Image Quality Classification 2022 cryo-EM
AI-Driven Respiratory Distress Syndrome Prediction for Newborn Infants Weighing Less Than 1500 g: Results from the Korean Multicenter Registry for preterm infants 2022 RDS
BPD prediction 2022 BPD
Artificial Intelligence to Predict Cognitive Impairment Patients 2022 Cognitive Impairment